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In 1980, during his first visit to the Nuba Mountain Range, Tomo Križnar encountered the healthiest and happiest of people. He named them the pure people. Nineteen years and two million casualties of the Sudan civil war later, Tomo smuggles through the besieged perimeter on a bike, crosses the border between the surveilled and unsurveilled planet and records, using his camera, one of the most shocking genocides that ever took place, ignored almost entirely by the global politics.

Let us save the Nuba people, let us save ourselves!


The Nuba, consisting of ninety-nine African tribes in the Nuba mountain range in the Sudan province of South Cordofan have been besieged by the Sudanese army for over fifteen years. The genocide over the Nuba people, taking place hand in hand with the obvious bickering of global powers over the Sudanese natural wealth, is unknown to the public since no observers, journalists or humanitarian workers are allowed into the Nuba mountains. This region is one of the most difficult to reach places on the entire planet.

I entered Sudan in the north, in Wadi Halfa and followed the river Nile upwards through the old desert Nubia, searching for remnants of the ancient Nuba culture which is according to some theories related to the Nuba people in the Nuba Mountain Range. Each night, I slept under a different hospitable roof and experienced firsthand the content of local minds and hearts. Most north Sudanese appeared disgruntled with the current government, the Arab-Islamic fundamentalism is alien to them. They are religious, spiritual rather than materialistic people, interested primarily in love.

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– Oxford International Documentary Film Festival (GB), 2005
– International Mountain + Adventure Film Festival Graz (Austria), 2000
– International Ethnic TV festival “At home” in Krakow (POland), 2000
– The Rory Peck Award (GB), 2000
– Festival of Slovenian Film (Slovenia), 2000


– Best Documentary Award / Festival of Slovenian Film (Slovenia), 2000
– Special Jury mention / Rotterdam Market for Education and Multimedia 2000
– 2. award of Poland television / International Ethnic Film Festival ?At home? Krakov (Poland)
– Golden Camera for Best documentary / International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival Graz (Austria), 2000


Written & Directed by / TOMO KRIŽNAR and MAJA WEISS Camera/ TOMO KRIŽNAR Editor / ZVONE JUDEŽ Music / NUBA Sound Design / IGOR LALOŠ


Production: Bela Film Coproduction: TV Slovenija - Educational Program


Length: 62 min Format: Beta SP Year of Production: 2000