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Married to a wealthy meat dealer, Mojca (45) is worshiper of fine art and mother of two grown-up kids. Desperate for love and passion, she becomes an object of video installation which her ex-lover and now renown conceptual artist Milos is completing with a help of her daughter Nika. Mojca’s hunt for love becomes a wild journey for everyone involved in this film, including the crew shooting the film Installation of Love…


If there is something like director’s intention when making a film, than mine
was to make a film that glorifies actors and despite serious themes ends up being easy-going and joyful. Film which is comical and life full. Feminine film and family film at the same time. Film in which actors act actors. Film that praises all illusions; love illusions, artistic illusions, and above all film illusion.
Installation of Love is my love statement to the art of filmmaking.


– Festival of Slovenian Film (Portorož, Slovenia), 7. – 14.10.2007
– LIFFe Ljubljana International Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia), 7. – 21.11.2007
– Alpe Adria Cinema (Italy), 17. 1. – 24. 1. 2008 – competition / special Jury Mention
– International Summerfest Film of Durres (Albania), 22. – 30. 8. 2008
– Balkan Snapshots Film Festival(Netherlands), 9.-11.10.2008
– Kriterion Kino Klub – movie meetings, (Sarajevo), 31.10. – 02.11.2008
– European Union Film Festival (Beijing), 1. 12. – 20. 12. 2008
– Windows on Europe Film Festival in Australia (Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane), 7. 2. – 1.3.2009
– Women’s Film Festival (Chennai, India), 1.3. – 8.3. 2009
– European Film Festival (Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi), 7. – 31. 5. 2009

Cinema release:
Kinodvor, 21.10.2008

TV broadcast:
TV Slovenia – 1.program, 4. 3. 2009 at 19.55

Exhibition and auction of paintings:
In the second lobby of the Cankarjev Dom cultural centre, an exhibition of paintings from the film Installation of love ran from November 8th till November 18th. In the film story, the featured works are made by the famous painter and charming casanova Egon Šenk, played by Branko Jordan, while their authors in the real world are Peter Braatz and Tatjana Plahuta. The paintings (link) were offered at an auction which took place on 17.11.07, following the ceremonial screening of the film Installation of love.


– Special Jury mention / Alpe Adria Cinema Film Festival (Italy)

Film reviews:
“… Installation of love is a clever satire with a breath of summer air, filled with fantastic locations and marvellous warm colours. It steams and breathes with the passion of Spanish films and carries with it the tragicomic charge of its protagonist… the result is a gentle, entertaining, fabulously shot and yet sensitive, playfully absurd, just enough crazy portrait of the world that does not distinguish between illusion and reality and can only achieve its emotional climax under the watching eye of the camera.”
– Dražen Štader, Vikend magazine –

“Maja’s film walks the razor’s edge and emerges victorious. It starts out as a typically boring Slovenian film, and when one is just about ready to give up on it, delivers the realization it simply had to begin in this fashion to provide for its wonderful climax and conclusion. Clever, colourful, cosmopolitan in the technical sense, with stunning interpretations by Oman, Samobor and Završan. At the end, you will be sorry it is already over. I recommend it fully.”
– Zoran Predin, musician, in the Mladina magazine –

“…Installation of love is a parody of Slovenian pulp fiction, of Slovenian reactions to television, of Slovenian consumerism, of Slovenian turbo-emotions, of our being so characteristically out of touch with reality, the reasons why garden gnomes fit us so nicely and why true love is here so irrevocably lost… Five stars.”
– Marcel Štefančič, Mladina magazine –

“… Installation of love is the kind of film that was until now neither seen nor expected by the Slovenian public, a quantum leap forward in Slovenian cinematography… The complex, layered structure of the film enables the viewer to understand it is an illusion and yet believe in it and keep observing. Shifts between its layers are executed in such a refined manner the viewer is fully entangled in the web, glued to the canvas with one’s eyes and one’s thoughts and open to enchantment… All those who already lost faith in the Slovenian film are warmly invited… become part of the installation and let it surprise you!”
– Barbara Spreiz, Liffe ? ? Povezava

“The classic Slovenian theme of troubled marriage assumes a contemporary film approach, leaving a more than welcome impression… I applaud the narrative structure that starts with a morbid ?Slovenian? tone, subsequently finds great wit and journeys into the reaches of The Truman show or the like.
The only aspect deserving of criticism is perhaps the exaggeration present in the final scenes of the installation. At any rate, the fact that the film itself is light years ahead of its trailer, a most rare occurrence in the industry, is a true testament to its undisputed quality. Four-and-a-half stars.”
– Slavko Jerič, MMC TVS – – Povezava

Iztok Gartner blog – povezava

Vest – povezava


BERNARDA OMAN / Mojca IGOR SAMOBOR / Miloš BRANE ZAVRŠAN / Vasko BRANKO JORDAN / Šenk VESNA VONČINA / Nika DESA MUCK / director ANDREJ ROZMAN ROZA / scriptwriter Ivanka Mežan / neighbour Polona Vetrih / Zujka Kolja Saksida / Miloš' cameraman Žiga Saksida / director of photography Vanja Plut / script girl Janez Vajevec / Pagon Maja Šugman / Zofka Aljaž Jovanovič / Vaci Medea Novak / secretary Gašper Jarni / foreman Jose / Sinbad Maja Martina Merljak / Tejka Mihael Krištof / Erwin Boris Kobal / waiter Niko Novak / set dresser Nina Ivanišin / salesgirl (Art Gallery) Maruša Kink / salesgirl (shop) Maja Dežman / model Directed by / MAJA WEISS Written by / ZORAN HOČEVAR & MAJA WEISS Producer/ IDA WEISS Director of Photography / BOJAN KASTELIC Art Director/ DUŠAN MILAVEC Music Composer/ CHRIS ECKMAN Editor / PETER BRAATZ Costume Designer / EMIL CERAR Make Up Artist/ ALJANA HAJDINJAK


Production: Bela Film Coproduction: TV Slovenia - Cultural and Arts Programs, Iluzija d.o.o., Taris Film (Germany) Financial support: Slovenian Film Fund Development support: MEDIA Program Main sponsors: BMW Group, Avtera d.o.o. Sponsors: Teleray Nokia, Kobilarna Lipica, Galerija Ars, Mestna Galerija, Palmers and others


Length: 98 min Language: slovenian Format: 35 mm, Color Ratio: 1:1,85 Speed: 25 fps Sound: Dolby Digital SR-D Year of Production: 2007

Fiction, Full-length