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Blue Velvet Revisited is a documentary film based on hours of documentary footage that was filmed and photographed in 1985 in the USA, on the set of “Blue Velvet” of David Lynch.

Peter Braatz obtained the exclusive rights to document the entire production of the cult classic film “Blue Velvet” from David Lynch himself, with most of this footage never previously released to the public.

In ‘Blue Velvet Revisited’, the film images, numerous sound recordings, photographs, paintings, objects and relics that Braatz had collected are selected and composed into an evocative new film, based on a story told by the Director without the need for narration.

These lost and mostly never before seen images are revisited and reinterpreted now, 30 years later.

‘Blue Velvet Revisited’, an 85 minute long documentary, is a journey, sharing with the viewer some kind of buried treasure. 


As it is “Blue Velvet Revisited”, is a visit to a certain historic time and place, an essay, and a rediscovery. It’s a tale from the subjective view-point of a German filmmaker who found himself by chance in the middle of the production of a landmark in 20th century cinema.

Or was it not by chance at all? Had this film been lying in wait for so many years, so very nearly lost?

There were so many questions to answer, so many thoughts and feelings revealed. I dug into my four hours of original Super-8 film, two additional hours of 16mm from Munich in 1987, several hours of video-material from the german promotion of “Blue Velvet”, over 1000 photographs, objects, drawings and relics, to find there was so much to discover, to choose from, and combine.

So much to say, to hear, to see and to feel. “Blue Velvet Revisited” is my excavation of a hidden treasure, which just needed to be touched once more to blossom and sparkle.


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Now Braatz has made a kind of poem about Blue Velvet, evocative and captivating and strange, a cinema voyeur’s behind-the-scenes ticket to the making of the controversial film that is now regarded as a voyeur classic. A “meditation,” he calls it.


It is also a quietly mesmerizing sensory experience, with a distinctive rhythm and look that makes it a stand-alone artwork rather than a mimetic mirror of its subject.


The result is a gorgeous, woozy Super-8 time-capsule film-poem, which dispenses with traditional narration in favour of a hypnotic collage of unseen footage, archive photographs and audio recordings, set to a suitably dreamy soundtrack by Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name.


Lynch also shares an affinity with Braatz, who demonstrates some keen filmmaking instincts. His material pays homage to the master, but also demonstrates confidence in its own depiction of the internal, unknowable quality of individual creative power. With a terrific soundtrack and its insightful, rare footage, Blue Velvet Revisited is nirvana for Lynch nerds; though even those with a perfunctory interest in filmmaking could do with seeing this fascinating gem.


…....Blue Velvet Revisited is far from a conventional making-of and very much a film for fans of Lynch and of Blue Velvet, who will find a reasonable amount to sink their teeth into. Much like Lynch himself, Blue Velvet Revisited is an oddity, but one that a certain group of people will really enjoy spending time with.


Blue Velvet Revisited is a poetic memory of a time, a transcendental observation of Peter’s experiences on the set.


The mixture of neon and special effect between such wonderfully named segments as “Do It for Van Gogh” are the only modern looking element and sit well alongside the incredible footage from the set and rare photographs that make up Peter Braatz film. You don’t need to have seen Blue Velvet to appreciate the look of the film…


This film isn’t a forensic analysis of Lynch’s provocative and idiosyncratic 1986 thriller however, but there are plenty of books and films out there for that purpose anyway. Instead, we have a pleasing, nostalgia-tinged trawl through the photography and film archives of German filmmaker Peter Braatz, who Lynch brought onto the set of his Blue Velvet to document the production.


Rather than a narrative accompaniment of behind the scenes footage and straight forward interviews, Blue Velvet Revisited acts as a visuals notation of the film. Eerie in places, visually striking and with a beautiful soundtrack.


Peter Braatz’ lyrical documentary is a must-watch for all fans of David Lynch’s surreal, beautiful, disturbing work.


Braatz portrays bit by bit how Lynch made the movie he dreamed of.


A highlight is an off-camera conversation between the young Braatz and the young Lynch about a girl Braatz has fallen in love with back in Germany. Another highlight is hearing Lynch talk about how excited he is about Blue Velvet and the “awful lot of fun” he and the crew had making it.


…it’s a treat to see the youthful Lynch waxing enthusiastic about the then-latest filmmaking technologies; or even to see him personally finishing the detailing on a background prop. The impression that comes across is that this is what it takes to be a great artist: awareness, imagination and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done.


Braatz had learned from the master, and when it was his turn, he, too, created a work of art. Blue Velvet Revisited may be a documentary, but it’s not your standard collection of talking heads gushing about each other and the moviemaking process; it’s an experimental film in itself. Braatz immerses the viewer in impressions, making them feel like they are on-set and part of the creative process.,21513



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2nd Kranjska Gora International Film Festival – Best Film Award

  • 60th BFI – London Film Festival, October 7, 2016 – World premiere
  • Festival Of Disruption, Los Angeles, October 2016
  • 10th Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, November 2016
  • 27th LIFFe – Ljubljana International Film Festival, November 2016
  • 24th Camerimage – International Film Festival, November 2016
  • 31st Mar Del Plata International Film Festival, November, 2016
  • Clique Film Festival, Amlaty, November 2016
  • Days Of Slovenian Films, Belgrade, 2016
  • Rio Dalston, London, UK, December 2016
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, UK, December 2016
  • Queen University, Belfast, UK, December 2016
  • Chapter Cinema, Cardiff, Wales, UK, February 2017
  • Mile End Genesis Cinema, London, February 2017
  • L’Europe autour de l’Europe – Festival de films de la Grande Europe, Paris, March – April 2017
  • Cinedelphia Film Festival, Philadelphia, USA, April 2017
  • Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, Austria, April 2017
  • David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective, Chicago, USA, April – May 2017
  • Downtown Independent, Los Angeles, USA, June and July, 2017
  • 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, June 2017
  • 16th Transilvania International Film Festival, June, 2017
  • Gartenbaukino, Vienna, Austria, June 2017
  • SF Indie Fest., San Francisco, USA, June 2017
  • Kino Umjetnika, Estonia, June 2017
  • Kinodvor. Mestni Kino, Slovenia, June, 2017
  • Bertha DocHouse, London, UK, July 2017
  • Teden Kulture Na Placu, Slovenia, July 2017
  • Bertha DocHouse, London, UK, July 2017
  • 2nd Kranjska Gora International Film Festival, August, 2017
  • Chichester International Film Festival, UK, August 2017
  • MALBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July and August 2017
  • Festival Slovenskega Filma, Slovenia, September 2017
  • David Lynch-Retro Festival, Broadway Cinematheque, Hong Kong, August 2017
  • Muenchner Stadtmuseum, Germany, September 2017
  • Linhartova dvorana Radovljica, Slovenia, October 2017
  • Electri_City Conference, Germany, October 2017
  • Duisburger Filmwoche, Duisberg, Germany, November 2017
  • FIDOCS, Santiago, Chile, November 2017
  • DOC NYC, New York, USA, November 2017
  • Fuzhong 15, Taipei, China, December 2017
  • Winnipeg Cinematique, Canada, January 2018
  • CPH DOX Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2018
  • 19th Jeonju International Film Festival, May 2018
  • Seattle Art Museum, USA, June 2018
  • Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio, USA, October 2018
  • 51st SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, October 2018
  • Riga International Film Festival, October 2018

Embassy of the Republic of Germany in Slovenia kindly supported the premiere screening of the film on November 10, 2016 at Ljubljana International Film Festival LIFFe.


Original soundtrack by Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name & John Foxx was released by Crammed Discs in autumn 2015.

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Directed, written, filmed and edited by PETER BRAATZ
Coproducer IDA WEISS


in coproduction with
financial support:
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Documentary, Full-length