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A Well Spent Afternoon in North America

03 Mar A Well Spent Afternoon in North America

Probably one of the most successful Slovenian short films in recent year successfully continues its way around the film festivals in North America.

Martin Turk’s short feature film A Well Spent Afternoon is being shown at two of the most important film festivals for young audiences in North America.

The film is at the moment shown at NY International Children Film Festival, biggest New York film event dedicated to young audiences, where it will have eight screenings. After New York the movie will head to Wisconsin and later to Toronto for the TIFF – Kids festival, the younger brother of the prestigious TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival.

The North American premiere of the movie, which started its successful international tour in April at FilmFest in Dresden, took place in October last year at the 33rd Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, while in January the movie was shown in Seattle at its most important film event for young audiences in a shorts program titled “True to Yourself”, which it’s festival director said that “spokes of difficult moments in childhood that had to be overcome by children and their family members.  Just excellent and important to think about, now more than ever. In a world that doesn’t give kids much power, it is important that they take it whenever they can.”

Participation at TIFF – Kids marks the 25th international appearance for the movie, which continues to be accepted to various festivals all over Europe. At the moment the movie is being shown at the YouthFilm Festival which runs in various cities in Belgium, including in children’s hospitals. In March and April the movie will be shown as part of competition section at 22nd Vilnius Film Festival, and will also be part of the 18th Stockholm Film Festival Junior.

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