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A busy October for Martin Turk’s films

03 Oct A busy October for Martin Turk’s films

Martin Turk’s short film Sunday Afternoon and feature film A Good Day’s Work produced this year presented in the film festival competition programmes around the world.

A GOOD DAY’S WORK is a new full-length feature film directed by Martin Turk, premiered at the film festival in Sarajevo this year. In 2017 the film won production funds in the framework of Sarajevo – City of Global Screen initiative by wich Sarajevo Film Festival funds micro-budget films from the region. In it’s first call for projects the festival received more than 30 applications. The production funds provided by the Turkish public television TRT have been awarded to Martin Turk’s film A Good Day’s Work.

The social drama coproduced by Bosnia and Hercegovina, Turkey and Slovenia (Bela film) is a story about Armin (Aleksandar Seksan), a caring father and husband, looking for a job.

In October the film will be shown in the competition programme of three festivals. The international premiere will be on October 8, at the prestigious 23rd Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. The film will be shown in the competition section Flash Forward, presenting a selection of new narrative feature films made by non-Asian film directors with innovative approaches to film expression.

The film will then travel to the 40th Cinemed – Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival in France and the 6th Bosphorus Filmski Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

Director Martin Turk will be present at the premiere screening in Busan and Montpellier.

Martin Turk’s short film SUNDAY AFTERNOON will also screen in Montpellier, in it’s short film competition section. Film was recently presented at the 21st Slovenian Film Festival. It was previously festival’s circuit includes Ireland (Fastnet Film Festival), Greece (Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival) and in Mexico (Guanajuato International Film Festival).

Sunday Afternoon is now being shown also in the competition section of one of the biggest film festivals for children and young audiences, the 23rd SCHLINGEL International Film Festival in Germany.

Turk is currently editing his new full-length feature film Don’t Forget to Breathe, art-house coming of age draga, filmed this summer. Slovenian-Italian-Croatioan co-production will premiere in 2019.

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