We celebrate 20th anniversary
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1998 – 2018: We celebrate 20th anniversary


24 Feb 1998 – 2018: We celebrate 20th anniversary

Bela film will celebrate 20th anniversary on March 20th in the frame of 20th Festival of Documentary film with premiere of feature documentary MY WAY 50 – BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND WORLD by Maja Weiss and documentary film PETER VS. HARRY by Ida Weiss.

MY WAY 50 – BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND WORLD is a biographical feature about the times that Maja Weiss has, during the five decades of her life, experienced and recorded with her films, which she signs as a directress, screenwriter, or camerawoman. Maja Weiss shot her first short at the AGRFT in 1984 and bought her first video camera as soon as she received her first fee in filmmaking: as a script supervisor in 1987. “She and I”, who am I, who we are”. The film is an insight in the life and work of the directress: it reveals her personal “rosebud” and describes her socially critical outlook on the society since Tito’s death in 1980 to the present days of rampant terrorism, refugee crises, and unemployment.

PETER VS. HARRY is a documentary portrait about German filmmaker Peter Braatz/Harry Rag, also husband of Maja Weiss.

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